Press Relations

Garnering media coverage for new or existing products, services and corporations can yield fantastic benefits. Positive news coverage offers “third-party endorsement” credibility that paid advertising can’t.

To ensure that coverage IS positive and is placed in outlets that are right for your organization is no small feat. There are worlds of difference between marketing your product for sales, and marketing your product to the media. The media will expect you to deliver them more than sales pitches and product information, but “news” about how your product or company is affecting the lives of their target audience. It is a mission-critical difference that DKD does very well.

Our press relations efforts are all backed by our commitment to both you and the media to establish and maintain media relationships based on the highest level of integrity in media practices. We garner respect from both trade media and mainstream news organizations-a respect that ensures your news gets the attention it deserves.

Press and media relations service we offer include:

  • Comprehensive press planning that is in-line with your overall strategic marketing plan
  • Press targeting and relationship development for broadcast, print and electronic media
  • Press materials development including:
    • Media kits
    • Press releases
    • Media alerts
    • Press promotions
    • Blogs and social media outlets
  • Product launches and press conferences
  • Bylined article campaigns
  • Regular press outreach including
    • Relationship maintenance
    • Editorial calendar pitching
    • News response stories and pitches
  • Speakers bureau development and placements

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