Advertising and Promotions

Ads should intrigue you, move you, make you laugh or sometimes cry, but most of all, they must compel you—or rather, your customer—take action. They must be more than clever, but also memorable and consistent with your marketing message and the needs of your target market to incite a phone call, an email, a passing on of your message.

In addition to this strategic creative design, a full service agency must have access to superior production facilities for print, radio, television or other media.

Lastly, the advertising buy must be negotiated effectively to ensure your ad lands directly in front of the eyes of your customer — especially in this digital media world we live in where customers are inundated with advertising.

DKD combines both skills in creative development and production of ads with skills in buying negations for broadcast media, all forms of print and other multi-media opportunities to maximize your ad dollar. Done correctly-by choosing the right type of media and creating an ad that is memorable and incites action from your audience-paid advertising can be one of the most effective marketing tools in getting your message across to users.

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