Strategic Marketing Planning

DKD Marketing is firm in our belief that a strategic marketing plan defines your marketing objectives and ensures those objectives are met in the most cost-effective manner. That’s the bottom-line goal of planning strategically.

A strong marketing plan examines how your product or service fits within a competitive marketplace and then identifies how your product or service can be distinguished within that marketplace using the various components of marketing. Do you need an unusually creative brand? Are you at the right events or do you need to create and develop events of your own? Where should you be placing your advertising dollars and how can those ads most effectively grab the attention of your product market? How are you getting news about your product effectively positioned in the press and public arenas? And lastly, how is your marketing budget best spent to ensure an effective balance across the marketing disciplines of advertising, press and public relations, tradeshows and events and sales marketing efforts.

Strategic marketing planning helps you to answer these questions and more. If you have a plan in place, terrific! We can provide a fresh perspective on that plan if needed or simply execute the marketing activities outlined in that plan in the most cost-effective and results-driven manner.

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