Spark Rocket Marketing . . .a sparky little division of DKD

Officially launching today, Spark Rocket Marketing!


A division of DKD, Spark Rocket produces micro campaigns with major impact, like this one: AXIS COMMUNICATIONS GIVES ITS CSR CAMPAIGN A “SPARK”

Produced for AXIS Communications in 2012, this flash mob event gave AXIS Communications huge visibility at the security industry’s leading tradeshow, ISC West.  (It was so successful, we’re doing a campaign for them right now, as you’re reading this. You’ll see it soon!)

The team that is now Spark Rocket Marketing brought the concept of flash-mobbing the security industry to AXIS Communications. We encouraged them to marry this high-visibility production to their support of industry charity Mission 500, showcasing their corporate social responsibility efforts while breaking through the clutter of a tradeshow floor. The event made the show daily, post-show print and  blog articles. Garnering 200% more hits than any other on the AXIS’ You Tube channel, the video got continual play all year at Mission 500 events, adding to the exposure. And the custom “dance” version of the Mission 500 song is still used at Mission 500 events!

DKD has been doing more and more of these campaigns (ask us about our flying pigs and Zombies) so, the creative core behind these high-impact campaigns is being spun off into a separate divison. Not just event-based, these campaign can range from print, direct marketing, creative copywriting and visual media — not to mention songwriting, costuming, storyboarding, scriptwriting. Once an idea “sparks” the possibilities are out of this world.

DKD Marketing will still be available for your strategic marketing planning and implementation of those plans. But if you need a one-time, hugely visible, high impact campaign — we’re going to ignite our Spark Rocket team and let them launch that campaign for you (oh yes, are we having fun with the puns around here these days! We like to say “it only takes a spark to get a market going”).

Give Spark Rocket a call at +1.407.760.7360

or email Mission Commander, Angela Kendall-Dempsey: akendall_at_sparkrocketmarketing_dot_com

Spark Rocket Marketing. Micro campaigns. Major impact.

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